Our aim here at Festival in a Bag, is for festivalgoers to consider that actions have consequences to our environment.  Our product is clearly commercial but the ethos behind it is to encourage you to ‘re-use and recycle’, leaving behind you festival sites clear of rubbish and discarded items which are perfectly re-usable.  We don’t want to preach but would like you to consider how we can enjoy ourselves to the maximum but be socially responsible when we leave festivals.



Festival audiences (that means You) are without a doubt becoming increasingly aware of the climate crisis.  The worsening effects of climate change are reflected in hotter summers and sometimes monsoon rains (get the wellies packed), which means we are dealing with a less predictable pattern of weather. 2014 was the hottest summer on record, while 2012 was the wettest summer in a 100 years.  Extreme heat means more demand for water, water at festivals is at a premium, so turn off the tap – don’t let it run.


Tens of thousands of tons of waste are generated at festivals, almost ⅔ goes into landfill and the remaining is re-cycled, made up of tents, plastics, toiletries and other discarded waste products, it doesn’t need to be this way, just re-pack your empties and take them home, don’t leave it for others to deal with at great cost not only to the festivals but to the wildlife and landscape. Where festivals are held on farmland there have been multiple instances of animals being badly injured by swallowing parts left behind by Festival goers.

Travelling to a festival by car results in nearly 80% of all CO2e EMISSIONS at a festival, this has a wider impact on the climate, have you considered travelling by train or coach, there are some great festival deals out there, we know Festivals are keen to do their bit, so a little bit of research could get you a great travel deal.


Leaving a festival site for others to clear up is easy we all know that, but if you can take a moment to think, “Yes” I can re-roll my sleeping bag, re-pack the tent and roll the mat – they will fit back into your Festival in a Bag rucksack, we know – we have done it a 100 times, you can then walk away knowing that it won’t disappear into landfill, it won’t end up being blown into a hedge or a stream where animals or fish will ingest it and it won’t contaminate the land.   Think of the money you will save not having to buy new kit for the next festival it’s a win win.

The action we take after a festival can turn a field back into a safe habitat for wildlife and reusable land, it really will count, please do your bit to make it happen.

Most land will be reclaimed after festivals to farming, so be aware that anything you leave behind if not picked up could cause harm. We suggest the following to minimise the impact of plastic at a festival.  Anything that you can unwrap at home safely please do, this will reduce the amount of plastic left at festivals.

If you can’t take home any of your camping equipment, please please use the charity bins provided by festivals, that way you are making a great contribution to charity, don’t just leave it on the ground for someone else to pick-up.


Here at Festival in a Bag we are aware of the impact that festivals and festival attendees have on the environment. We want you all to have a great time, after all that’s what festivals are about but let’s consider the environment, encourage each other to think about your impact at a festival.